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Corporate Governance Outline


  1. Board Composition
  2. Board Committees
    Meetings of the Corporate Governance Committee



  3. Approved Schedules of Board Meetings
  4. Board Attendance
  5. Board Meeting/s without the presence of the PGM

    * 2015

    10 September 2015 (Board meeting)

    03 December 2015 (ROC and Audit meeting)

    * 2014

    13 April 2014 (LOC meeting)

    05 June 2014 (LOC meeting)

    03 July 2014 (LOC meeting)
  6. Role of the Board in Corporate Strategy

    How does the board oversee the implementation of the corporate strategy?

    When did the board review the corporate strategy?

    Strategic Planning Session of the Board of Trustees:

    *2015 – July 23-24, 2015 at the Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay City, Cavite

    *2014 – July 24-25, 2014 at the Planta Centro Bacolod Hotel and Residences, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

    The GSIS Mission/Vision was revised in 2015 and the same was NOTED by the Board under Board Meeting No. 16 dated 27 August 2015.

  7. Code of Ethics
    PPG 257-14 Amended GSIS “No Gift” Policy (approved thru BR 98 on 17 July 2014)
  8. Board Committees’ Accomplishment Report
  9. Access to information (board materials)
  10. Internal Control (including Internal Audit)
  11. Risk Management System
  12. Board Appraisal System
    • a. Criteria
      The criteria used include:
      1. Formulation of Policies
      2. Attendance and Active Participation in Meetings
      3. Fairness of Judgment
      4. Careful Evaluation of Proposals and Recommendations
    • b. Procedure
      The members of the GSIS Board of Trustees rate themselves on a scale of 1-10, with ’10’ being the highest. There is a column where each Trustee shall rate his/her own performance. In another column, each Trustee shall rate the performance of his/her peers.
      There are also factors to be considered in rating one’s performance. The effect of these factors on one’s performance is rated on a scale of 1-5, with ‘5’ being the highest.
  13. Corporate Secretary (Profile)
  14. GSIS Performance Evaluation System (based on GCG Assessment)


A. Audited Annual Financial Reports

Year of the Report Date Receipt from COA Date Published
2015 Audited Financial Statement 01 July 2016 25 July 2016
2014 Audited Financial Statement 08 September 2015 09 October 2015
2013 Audited Financial Statement 11 December 2014 12 February 2015

B. Annual Reports

Year of the Report Date Published
2015 Annual Report January 2017
2014 Annual Report December 2015
2013 Annual Report April 2015

C. State the location of the following information in the annual report/audited annual financial report

Corporate Objective 2015 Annual Report
Financial performance indicators 2015 Annual Report
Non-financial performance indicators 2015 Annual Report
Details of whistle blowing policy 2015 Annual Report
Biographical details (at least age, date of first appointment, relevant experience, and any other directorships of listed companies) of directors/commissioners 2015 Annual Report
Training and/or continuing education programme attended by each director/commissioner 2015 Annual Report
Statement of full compliance with the code of CG 2015 Annual Report
Review of the GOCC’s material controls (including operational, financial and compliance controls) and risk management systems 2015 Annual Report
Statement from the Board of Directors or Audit Committee commenting on the adequacy of the GOCC’s internal controls/risk management systems 2015 Annual Report


  1. Customers’ welfare
    1. Policies

      2015 Annual Report

      Revised Manual of Corporate Governance, pp. 24-28

      GSIS Citizen’s Charter , pp. 2-43

      Milestone Benefits for Pensioners

      One-Time Benefit for pensioners

      Secondary Reference/s

      PPG No. 262-14 – Transaction Monitoring System (TMS) dated 16 September 2015(approved thru BR 136 on 11 September 2014)
    2. Activities 1

      Activities 2

      Activities 3
  2. Interaction with the communities
    1. Policies

      2015 Annual Report

      Revised Manual of Corporate Governance, pp. 24-28

      Secondary Reference/s

      Adopt-a-School Program

      PPG No. 281-15 – Revised GSIS Scholarship Program dated 17 April 2015 (approved thru BR 51 on 15 April 2015)
    2. Activities 1

      Activities 2
  3. Environmentally-friendly value chain
    1. Policies

      2015 Annual Report

      Revised Manual of Corporate Governance, pp. 27-28

      Secondary Reference/s

      Office Order No. 158-12 Designation of Pollution Control Officer

      Office Order No. 160-12 Creation of GSIS National Greening Program Oversight Committee

      Office Order No. 211-13 Constitution of the GSIS Disaster Contingency Committee

      Office Order No. 221-14 Designation of Energy Conservation Officer of the GSIS

      Office Order No. 284-15 Guidelines on Cost Savings Program dated 29 October 2015
    2. Activities
  4. Contact details for complaints of other stakeholders
  5. Employees’ welfare and development
    1. Policies

      2015 Annual Report

      Revised Manual of Corporate Governance, pp. 7

      Secondary Reference/s

      PPG 228-13 – GSIS Office Rules and Regulations dated 15 May 2013(approved thru BR 38 on 25 April 2013)

      PPG 246-13 – The GSIS Health and Wellness Program dated 18 October 2013 (approved thru BR 112 on 10 October 2013)

      PPG No. 299-15 – The GSIS Drug-Free Workplace dated 06 November 2015 (approved thru BR 158 on 15 October 2015)

      Office Order No. 275-14 – Use and Promotion of Gender Fair Language dated 05 December 2014
    2. Activities 1

      Activities 2 (2015)

      Activities 3 (2016)

      Activities 4

  6. Employee Training and development (programs and relevant data)
    1. Policies

    2. Activities
  7. Whistle Blowing Policy
    • GCG Whistle Blowing Web Portal (
    • A Proposed Whistle Blowing Policy was discussed in the Corporate Governance Committee (CGC) meeting in 28 January 2013. The CGC agreed to put the proposed policy on HOLD until the whistleblowing law, which shall set forth the rules on the allocation of funds for rewards and other incentives for whistleblowers, is enacted.

GSIS Corporate Governance Scorecard