The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is inviting all Filipino artists to join the 2022 GSIS National Art Competition, which is now on its 17th year.

Official entry forms will be available starting 11 March 2022.  Forms can be downloaded from the GSIS website (  Due to quarantine protocols, artists are discourage to visit GSIS offices.

  • All interested participants must be mindful of the mechanics, rules and regulations governing the conduct of the competition as entries could be disqualified for technical reasons.


    1. The three (3) categories for this year’s competition include:

    1.1       Representational Category (Representational) – in horizontal / landscape orientation

    1.2       Nonrepresentational (Abstract) – purely non-representational, non-recognizable figures and objects in vertical / portrait orientation

    1.3.      Outdoor/ Freestanding Sculpture Category


    1. The competition is open to all Filipino artists who are at least 18 years old as of 02 May, 2022. AAP Officers and individual artists officially assisting the 2022 GSIS National Art Competition are not eligible to participate in the competition.
    2. Participants may submit one entry per category. No participation fee is required.
    3. THEME:

    REPRESENTATIONAL CATEGORY –        “Pagsulong at Pag-asa sa Bagong Normal”


    1. Guidelines for the Representational and NON-REPRESENTATIONAL CATEGORIES:
    Size/Orientation 3 feet by 4 feet

    in horizontal / landscape orientation only (excluding frame)


    4 feet by 3 feet

    in vertical / portrait orientation only (excluding frame)

    Weight Must not exceed 10 kilos

    (including the frame)





    The ONLY acceptable media are oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas and watercolor only.


    Entry using collage, decoupage, assemblage or use of non-pigment based materials like paper, board, plastic metal, cloth etc. IS NOT ALLOWED.


    [For watercolor entries, any watercolor paper is allowed EXCEPT illustration board]


    additional INFORMATION


    Textured paint, Versatex or Gesso is acceptable primer for the entries.
    Entries must be ready for exhibition, framed and with proper hanging system using nylon cord (tansi) only.



    1. Guidelines for the OUTDOOR/ FREESTANDING SCULPTURE Category
    Orientation Vertical
    Height Minimum of 3 feet and maximum of 10 feet
    Base Minimum of 1 foot (to stand on its own)
    Weight Minimum of 20 kilos, maximum of 80 kilos


    6.1       Entries must be able to stand on its own (freestanding) and designed for outdoor display/ exposure. Cement and steel bar may be used as base and framework. It should withstand the heat of the sun, rain, wind and other environmental factors. GSIS shall not be held responsible if the sculpture was damaged due to these factors.

    6.2       ALLOWED – materials such as:

    1. Metal only – Copper, Brass (copper and zinc), Bronze (copper and tin), Iron, or Steel (iron and carbon)
    2. b. Cement and steel bar only
    3. c. Marble only
    4. d. Granite only


    6.3.    COLOR/PROTECTIVE COATING – Repainting or use of protective coating is allowed.

    1. Entries must be dated not earlier than 2022 and must be the original works of participating artists. Entries must not have been exhibited before, revised, and awarded a prize in previous competitions.
    2. Entries MUST BE SIGNED by the artist but the signature should be covered with masking tape prior to submission to conceal the artists’ identity. They must also be properly labeled using a card tag or card caption to be placed at the back of the artworks. The card tag must contain the following information: Artist (Name, Address, and Contact Numbers), Title of the artwork, Medium, Size, Year and Price, if the artwork is for sale. Directly writing the information on the canvas is not allowed.
    Name                      :               _______________________

    Address                   :               ________________________

    Contact No.             :               _________________________

    Title of artwork:                      _________________________

    Medium / Material : ______________________

    Size: _____________              Year: ___________

    Price (if for sale): _________________________

    Signature: _______________________________




    1. PHYSICAL SUBMISSION OF ACTUAL ARTWORK: All participating artists must be responsible for bringing and transporting their entries to GSIS, Pasay City. Submitted artworks with wet paint will not be accepted.

    9.1 To comply with health protocols, individuals must bring their vaccination card, wear their facemask and face shield during the submission day.

    9.2. Artist or his/her representative submitting the entry must go to GSIS Pasay according to the following priority schedule:

    Surnames starting from A to E – May 2 (Monday)

    Surnames F to J – May 3 (Tuesday)

    Surnames K to O – May 4 (Wednesday)

    Surnames P to T – May 5 (Thursday)

    Surnames U to Z – May 6 (Friday)

    Group Submission via courier – May 7 (Saturday)


    Guards and museum personnel will ask for a valid ID indicating complete name before allowing entry to the GSIS Gym / Garden.


    9.3. Artists who cannot make it with the assigned schedule must first ask to reschedule to be accommodated by emailing

    An email letter permit will be issued to the requesting artist.


    1. Entries coming from the provinces may send their artworks through mail forwarders. Artists from the same province are encouraged to send their entries by group to save on freight/shipping cost. However, GSIS shall not be responsible for any damage the artwork may sustain during shipment.

    Artists or groups using couriers must also advise their mail forwarders of choice that GSIS will only accept their entries from 02 May 2022 to 07 May 2022 from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM only.

    Entries should be addressed to:


    Corporate Social Advocacies and Public Relations Facilities Department

    Government Service Insurance System Main Office

    Financial Center, Reclamation Area

    JW Diokno Blvd, Pasay City


     cp # 0915-1351752 (c/o Ms. Leslie)


    1. During submission, participating artists MUST SUBMIT the following along with every entry:

    11.1     Completely filled-out, signed and notarized official entry form with two (2) 2×2 colored ID picture of the artist. (may be downloaded from the GSIS website)

    ENTRY FORM must be notarized certifying originality of entry and subscription to the rules and regulations of the competition.

    11.2     Photocopy of ONE valid ID (for age verification). Accepted valid IDs include: current school ID, PRC License, Driver’s License, Official Company ID, copy of recent Passport, Postal ID, SSS ID, GSIS UMID Card, Senior Citizen’s ID, Voter’s ID, and NBI/Police Clearance.

    11.3     5” x 7” colored photo of the artwork (computer printed colored photo is allowed) with the following information written at the back: Artist’s name, address and contact number, title of the artwork, medium, Size, Year, and Price (if the artwork is for sale).

    1. All possible care shall be taken by GSIS to protect the entries received in the competition. However, GSIS assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the entry before, during and/or after the competition.  Artists shall not hold GSIS and/or any of its officers and staff liable for the loss, damage and/or injury to the works while in exhibit or storage.
    2. Entries must be submitted to the GSIS Main Office, Financial Center, Reclamation Area, Pasay City (CCP Complex – JW Diokno Blvd.) within 02 May 2022 to 07 May 2022 FROM 8:30 AM UNTIL 4:00 PM only.  Entries submitted BEFORE or AFTER the stated date and time will not be accepted and/or labeled as disqualified.
    3. Entries with incomplete documentation or which are noncompliant with the requirements shall be automatically disqualified.


    1. GSIS shall have the sole prerogative to select the Board of Judges.
    2. The decision of the Board of Judges SHALL BE FINAL. Judges may decide not to award prizes to any entry that does not meet certain artistic and competition requirements.
    3. The GSIS has the right to check and verify randomly selected entries. Issues on copyright infringement will be seriously considered and deliberated for the declared finalists. Complaints must be submitted to GSIS within 14 calendar days from the date of announcement of finalists. Likewise, the GSIS may send GSIS Museum staff to conduct an on-the-spot ocular visit in the artist’s studio or home.  The GSIS has the right to automatically disqualify the artist if the entry does not meet the prescribe guidelines.
    4. All major prize winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) excluding the honorable mentions (for representational, non-representational, and sculpture) shall automatically become properties of GSIS and shall form part of the GSIS Art Collection.


    1. Cash Awards for the winners:


    First Prize P 300,000.00
    Second Prize P 200,000.00
    Third Prize P 100,000.00
    Four (4)  Honorable Mentions P 25,000.00 each



    First Prize P 300,000.00
    Second Prize P 200,000.00
    Third Prize P 100,000.00
    Four (4)  Honorable Mentions P 25,000.00 each



    First Prize P 300,000.00
    Second Prize P 200,000.00
    Third Prize P 100,000.00
    Four (4)  Honorable Mentions P 25,000.00 each


    All prizes are subject to 20% tax per government regulation

    1. Finalists shall be announced online on 3 June 2022 (Friday). List of finalists shall be uploaded in the GSIS official face book page.  After 14 calendar days, without receiving any complaints or protests on the originality/ authenticity of the artwork, the GSIS shall officially announce the grand prize winners on 24 June 2022 (Friday).


    1. The ownership of all prize-winning works including their copyright/economic rights, as provided under the law, shall be transferred by the artists to the GSIS and the moral rights thereof shall be waived in favor of the GSIS. This transfer of rights include, but is not limited to, the right to use, produce or reproduce, prepare derivative works of the designs for whatever purpose and whichever form as may be deemed fit by GSIS without further compensation to the artists or their heirs.
    2. The GSIS reserves the right to use any entries or artworks of all participating artists in the design of its corporate tokens and the promotion of other GSIS programs and activities, without further permission and compensation.
    3. The GSIS reserves the right to use the names and photos of the artist and their entries for free in any broadcast, print, or digital media and to exhibit the same as may be deemed fit. It further reserves the right to decide which entries will be displayed during the competition exhibit as well as those to be included in the Catalogue of Entries.
    4. The artist can sell his/her work and is responsible in dealing with prospective buyer/s. Entries on display should not be taken out from the GSIS Museum/ GSIS Garden within the duration of the exhibit thus artist must inform the buyer that the artwork can only be released beginning September 1, otherwise such will not be included in the catalogue.
    5. All non-winning entries must be retrieved starting September 1 – until December 15, 2022 ONLY. Arrangement for the said retrieval shall be made by the artist or his/her designated representative. Expense for the transport shall be shouldered by the artist and not by GSIS. Unclaimed artworks after this period shall be disposed of by GSIS.
    6. In disposing the unclaimed pieces, 50% of the said pieces will be given or donated to the offices of GSIS or to any public schools or government institutions while the remaining pieces will be turned over to Art Association of the Philippines to conduct art auction, proceeds of which will be utilized to help artists in need and for other related activities.
    7. All information / data provided by the artists shall be considered confidential in compliance with all the provisions of Republic Act No. 10173, known as the “Data Privacy Act of 2012” and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.


    For inquiries, please call the following numbers

    (02) 8859-0395 / (02) 84793588,

    0915-1351752 (c/o Ms. Leslie)

    or email us at and

    Or you may visit us at the following sites:

    Government Service Insurance System FB page

    GSIS Museo ng Sining FB page