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Preliminary Activities for Pensioner Based Abroad
Before going through the process, the following must be available and in place:
• Personal Computer or laptop
• Webcam
• Headset with microphone
• Internet connection

  1. Open a Skype account
  a. Skype is an internet site allowing users to make free calls through the internet free-of-charge
b. How to launch the Skype website?
  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Start your internet browser
  3. On the internet address bar, type the address:
c. How to download the Skype software?
  1. Once you are in the Skype website, click the download Skype button
  2. Wait for the download to complete
  3. Install the Skype software application
– Follow the instructions provided in the website
d. How to create your account?
  1. Upon completion of the Skype software, double click the Skype icon.
  2. In the sign-in window, click the Don’t have a Skype Name button
– A Create New Account window will appear.
– Type in your desired Skype user name
    • This name will be your user ID which you will use when using your Skype account
– Type and re-type your password on the designated boxes
– Type in a VALID email address on the corresponding field
– Click Create button
– Accept the Skype End User Agreement
– If your Skype name is acceptable, you will be automatically logged in your account
– This name will be your user ID which you will use when using your Skype account
    • If not, you will be required to create a different Skype name.
e. How to use your Skype account?
  1. Once logged in, you may now start calling anyone, anywhere in the world with skype account for FREE!
  2. GSIS’ skype usernames/accounts are gsis.global1 / gsis.global2 / gsis.global3. / gsis.global4. / gsis.global5. / gsis.global6. Please add our usernames to your contact list.
  1. Send the following information via e-mail to :
  a. Skype username/account
b. Transaction Type
  1. eCard Plus enrolment
  2. Annual Renewal of Active Status (ARAS)
c. Full name – Last, First, Middle
d. Date of Birth
e. GSIS ID Number
f. Contact Number
g. Email address
h. Complete Mailing Address Abroad (with ZIPCODE)
i. Complete Mailing Address in the Philippines
  1. Upon receipt of your email, we shall verify and validate the information provided. If all were found to be in order, we shall coordinate with you via email and ask your confirmation of the Skype video conference call schedule.

Enrolling for eCard Plus through the internet using skype facility.

  1. On the day of your schedule, please be online by logging-on to your Skype username/account and make sure that:
    • Your computer is positioned in a well-lit area
    • Your ecard plus/UMID card and/or scanned/photocopy of eCard plus/UMID card and/or 2 Valid IDs or Passport are on hand for identification
  2. Wait for our call using the gsis.global1 / gsis.global2 / gsis.global3 / gsis.global4 / gsis.global5 / gsis.global6 Skype username/account.
  3. During the video call, an interview will be undertaken by GSIS Skype Interviewers to determine pensioner’s identity and eligibility.

Other friendly reminders:

  1. ARAS for pensioners based abroad is undertaken during its due/birth month.
  2. You will receive your monthly pension and withdraw its proceeds from any ATM abroad with VISA and/or VISA PLUS sign.
  3. A pensioner who opted LBP as servicing branch will no longer be allowed to transfer his UMID account back to UBP
  4. Pensioners based abroad who intend to use eCard/UMID are encouraged to choose UBP as servicing branch.

For further inquiries, please feel free to email us: eCard process, ARAS, ecard activation or replacement of expired ecard Misplaces/lost eCard/Personal Identification Number of UBP issued eCard Other than concerns above

Please feel free to contact us thru our call center agents through any of the following telephone numbers:
• Landline (Metro Manila ) 847-4747
• Globe Toll Free Number: 1-800-8-847-4747 (free from both Globe landline and mobile phone)
• PLDT/Smart Toll-Free Number: 1-800-10-847-4747 (free from PLDT landline: a flat rate of P8.00/per call from mobile phone)

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