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Pension thru eCrediting

More pensioners will now enjoy their monthly pension benefits from the GSIS with the implementation of a new schedule for eCrediting.

eCrediting of monthly pension is now on the 8th day of the month instead of the usual first banking day, to allow more pensioners, particularly those who have renewed their active status on the last week or even on the last day of the previous month to receive their pension immediately the following month.

In case the 8th day falls on a weekend or holiday, monthly pension benefits will be eCredited on the next banking day.

The release of pension benefits has come along way. Through the ingenuity of the GSIS, pension benefits are now eCredited and released through the eCard Plus, an all-in-one utility card that also serves as an ATM card.

Monthly pension benefits as well as loan proceeds can now be withdrawn at any Bancnet, Megalink, or Expressnet ATMs nationwide.

Before, pensioners were forced to wait for weeks for their checks to be printed, mailed, deposited, and cleared (for three days) before they can withdraw their pension money. Pensioners likewise often fell prey to incidences of mail pilferage or lost checks.

But with their monthly pension now credited to their eCard Plus, pensioners receive their pension hassle-free.

However, to continue on receiving your monthly pension benefits, old-age and survivorship pensioners should annually renew their active status during their birth month.

The annual renewal of active status or ARAS can be done either through the GW@PS Kiosk using the eCard Plus or the GSIS Voice Activated Processing System or GVAPS.

POS as alternative to ATMs

To give members and pensioners with a wider set of options in withdrawing their loan proceeds and pension benefits, point-of-sale (POS) terminals were rolled out in post offices outside Metro Manila selected M. Lhuillier.

Using the POS, GSIS members and pensioners can make balance inquiries or cash withdrawals of their loan proceeds or pension payments, respectively, from their eCard savings account.

For withdrawals of up to P4,000, eCard holders will be charged a minimal service fee of P7.50 when using the POS, which will then gradually increase up to P62.50 for withdrawals of P44,100 to P50,000. Balance inquiry is free.

The minimum amount that can be withdrawn through the POS per day is P100 while the maximum amount is P50,000. Just like with ATMs, the amount to be withdrawn will be done in increments of 100 (P100, P200, P500, and P1,000).

Members and pensioners need to bring their eCard and another valid ID as well as appear personally in order to transact using the POS.

The valid IDs that will be accepted include passport, current driver’s license, major credit cards with picture, Permit to Carry Firearms, new SSS cards, Professional Regulation Commission ID, new TIN card, and company ID.

Other valid IDs accepted include current ID for students, Postal ID, NSO-authenticated birth certificate or marriage certificate, original and unexpired NBI clearance, Office of Senior Citizen Affairs/Senior Citizen card, OWWA card, digitized Voter’s ID, ACR Identity Card, and Consular ID.

Complete list of POS terminals in post offices

Complete list of POS terminals in M. Lhuillier branches