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GSIS Launches Land Bank Partnership for Pensioners

Pensioners of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) now have the choice to receive their monthly pension and other benefits through a Land Bank ATM card, with the launch of the GSIS-Land Bank of the Philippines. The GSIS signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Land Bank in December last year to allow its pensioners to take advantage of Land Bank’s extensive branch network nationwide. As an additional servicing bank for GSIS old age and survivorship pensioners, Land Bank will open a savings account and provide automated teller machine services to GSIS pensioners. Pensioners who choose to withdraw their monthly or...

GSIS unclips home loans from retirement benefit

Retiring members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) who have outstanding service and housing loans with the pension fund will now get to enjoy their retirement benefits, without worries of having their unpaid obligations deducted or “clipped” from their retirement proceeds. This developed after the newly-constituted GSIS Board of Trustees approved a resolution modifying its Claims and Loans Interdependency Policy or CLIP and allowed retiring members to have an opportunity to decide on the mode of settlement for their outstanding loan obligations. CLIP is a policy under which the GSIS deducts the arrears incurred by members from their overdue...

GSIS suspends its housing programs To tap Pag-IBIG as conduit for homelending to members

The Government Service Insurance System announced today that effective April 28 this year, it is suspending all of its housing loan programs in line with the thrust to adopt wholesale approaches to asset sales and to wind down housing programs in favor of working with key shelter agencies (KSAs). “We want to synchronize our efforts in the implementation of the government’s housing loan program through closer partnership with the KSAs, whose core functions focus on housing,” said Robert G. Vergara, President and General Manager. “With this new measure, we also avoid duplication with their functions.” Vergara pointed out that while...

GSIS okays condonation for stock purchase loan balances

More than 2,500 members of the Government Service Insurance System can now settle their loan obligations with zero penalties and surcharges after the Governing Board approved Thursday the condonation of outstanding balances under the Stock Purchase Loan (SPL) program. SPL accounts paid on or before June 30, 2011 will enjoy 100 percent condonation on penalties and surcharges and a 50 percent condonation on interest. Stock Certificates will also be released upon full payment. Shares of stocks of unsettled loan accounts after the June 30 deadline will be sold and the proceeds applied to the loan balances. The new program forms...

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