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One-Time Condonation Program for Outstanding SNPL and FPPL Accounts
One-Time Condonation Program for Outstanding SNPL and FPPL Accounts

What are the Study Now, Pay Later (SNPL) and Fly PAL, Pay Later (FPPL) programs of the GSIS?

SNPL is an educational assistance program implemented by the Government Service Insurance System, together with the Social Security System, the Philippine National Bank, the Development Bank of the Philippines, and the Land Bank of the Philippines, in compliance with Presidential Decree (PD) No. 932 dated 13 May 1976 (Educational Assistance Act of 1976). The program later evolved into the Educational Assistance Loan (EAL), which was approved under Republic Act (RA) 6728 in 1988 and amended by RA 8545 in 1998.A similar credit facility for travel assistance was offered by GSIS under the Fly PAL, Pay Later (FPPL) Program, which was approved by the Board under Board Resolution No. 637 dated 29 August 1978 and implemented under Policies and Procedural Guidelines (PPG) No. 48-78 (a) dated 7 December 1978 and No. 48-78 (b) dated 31 October 1979. The program was implemented from 1978 to 1989.

What is the one-time condonation program for outstanding SNPL and FPPL accounts that the GSIS offers?

This is a program offered to SNPL student-grantees (and their co-makers) and FPPL member-borrowers who have remaining outstanding balance in their accounts as of 31 May 2013. Under Board Resolution No. 76 dated 25 July 2013, those who will pay their accounts in full, not later than the set deadline (July 24, 2014), will enjoy 100% condonation of penalties.

What is the deadline in applying for the condonation program?

July 24, 2014

What accounts are not covered by the condonation program?

These are the SNPL account of a deceased student-availee and co-maker and the FPPL account of a deceased member-borrower

What is the form of payment for this condonation program? Can the borrower pay in instalment?

Full settlement of the account is required for the borrower to be able to enjoy the 100% condonation of surcharges. The payment should be made within three (3) months from the time the application form for condonation is submitted.In case the full amount was not settled within three (3) months, a re-submission may be allowed provided that it is made before July 24, 2014.

Are penalties condoned under the program?

Yes. All unpaid penalties of the outstanding SNPL and FPPL obligation are condoned but only upon full settlement of the account. Penalties are not therefore condoned in partial settlement of account.

What are the required documents for the condonation program?

  • Duly accomplished and signed application form
  • Copy of then GSIS eCard or UMID eCard
  • In case the applicant is not a GSIS member, a copy of any two (2) of the following:
    • SSS ID
    • Company ID
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Professional Regulation Commission ID
    • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
    • Senior citizen ID
    • Voter’s ID

How are grantees and borrowers informed of the condonation program?

Letters are sent to all SNPL student-grantees (and their co-makers) and all FPPL member-borrowers in their last recorded address.

What will happen if a borrower would not avail of this one-time condonation?

Failure of the borrower to avail of this condonation program will result in the whole outstanding balance of the account becoming due and demandable. The outstanding balance is composed of the principal, accrued interests and surcharges of the loan. As a matter of policy, the GSIS will deduct all due and demandable accounts from the future benefits and loan proceeds of a borrower, in case he/ she is a GSIS member or pensioner. In case the borrower is not a GSIS member, extrajudicial collection of the account will commence.

Does GSIS have a dedicated unit to cater to the account-specific queries of the borrowers?

Yes. The GSIS Central Office and branch offices shall entertain all queries of SPNL and FPPL borrowers concerning their accounts and the terms and conditions of the condonation program. For further details on both programs, borrowers can call the GSIS contact center at 847.4747.

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