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GSIS enhances evaluation, processing of PTD claims
GSIS enhances evaluation, processing of PTD claims

Date Posted: June 14, 2018
State pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) improved its guidelines in evaluating, processing, and administering permanent total disability (PTD) claims under Republic Act 8291 (GSIS Act of 1997).

“We had to refine our policies on PTD to upgrade the protection given to government workers whose job is hindered by nonwork-related illnesses or injuries,” GSIS President and General Manager Jesus Clint O. Aranas said.

Under the revised guidelines, additional compensable illnesses under the PTD benefit were named. The processing time for PTD claims was also shortened to 15 calendar days from 60 calendar days upon submission of complete documents.

GSIS members may apply for PTD benefit if their sickness or injury permanently incapacitates them to continue working, which results in loss of income.

PTD disabilities include complete loss of sight of both eyes; loss of two limbs at or above the ankle or wrist; permanent complete paralysis of two limbs that results in total loss of voluntary movement of legs or arms; brain injury that lead to incurable imbecility, insanity, or physical incapacitation.

Claimants must submit their application for PTD to GSIS within four years from the date of their disability.

Disability pensioners, on the other hand, must submit annually a completely filled-out Medical Progress Report (MPR) to prove their status and medical condition, thus ensuring continuous receipt of their PTD pension.

If they are at least 60 years old and have rendered at least 15 years of service, however, they are no longer required to submit MPR as they will automatically be scheduled for home visit under the GSIS Annual Pensioners’ Information Revalidation (APIR) program.

For the complete list of requirements and compensable illnesses, as well as other important information on PTD, members and pensioners may go to GSIS website, particularly in the Publications section (Policy and Procedural Guidelines and Board Resolutions), or simply follow the link

For clarification, they may call the GSIS contact center at 847-4747; email; or send a private message to the GSIS Facebook account (