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The unemployment benefit is paid when permanent government employees who have paid the required 12 months integrated contributions under RA 8291 are involuntary separated from the service as a result of the abolition of their office or position usually resulting from reorganization.

Who can avail, features, benefits

You can avail the unemployment benefit if you are:

  1. A former permanent employee who has paid the required integrated contributions (personal and government share) for 12 months under RA 8291, and
  2. Involuntarily separated from the service due to abolition of your office or position, or due to reorganization, merger or privatization.
  3. As provided in the IRR, Conditions for Entitlement to Unemployment Benefit. A member shall be entitled to the unemployment benefits if the following conditions are met:
    1. he/she was a permanent employee at time of separation;
    2. his/her separation was involuntary due to the abolition of his/her office or position resulting from reorganization; and
    3. he/she has been paying the required premium contributions for at least one (1) year but less than 15 years prior to separation.

The benefit is in the form of monthly cash payments equivalent to 50% of the average monthly compensation (AMC). The duration of the benefit depends on the length of service and ranges from two months to a maximum of six months. It is paid according to the following:

Contributions Made Benefit Duration
1 year but less than 3 years 2 months
3 or more years but less than 6 years 3 months
6 or more years but less than 9 years 4 months
9 or more years but less than 11 years 5 months
11 or more years but less than 15 years 6 months

Application for this benefit should be filed within 4 years from the time of involuntary separation from government service. It shall be deducted from future separation or retirement benefit.

Requirements for Application

  1. Duly-accomplished Application Form for Unemployment Benefits Under RA 8291
  2. Service Record indicating last day of service /actual date of involuntary separation , and Leaves of Absences With Pay or Without Pay
  3. Declaration of Pendency/ Non-Pendency of case prior to electronic crediting or check printing.

Step by Step Procedure on how to apply

You can submit your Retirement benefit application form via email or drop box.

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