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GSIS reaches its qualified members, pensioners, and the general clientele in various platforms. These various platforms help to speed up the spread of information to GSIS members and pensioners, and also a good way to communicate any issues or concerns.

A. GSIS Website

GSIS website provides all information that members and pensioners need to know about GSIS services, loan programs, branch locators and contact details can be found here.

Official URL:

B. Facebook Page

GSIS Facebook page is a social media platform to interact and inform its members and pensioners of the latest news regarding the institution.

It is also a way for the members to reach out if they have any concerns or questions regarding their benefits such as life insurance, retirement, separation, and Employee Compensation (EC), loan concerns, and other GSIS benefits/services.

Official Page:

C. Youtube Channel

The GSIS YouTube channel provides helpful videos which includes tips, guides, and more knowledge with regards to member benefits, loans, and etc.

Official Channel:

For concerns regarding your eCard, please call 1-800-8-88474747 (GLOBE) or 1-800-10-88474747 (SMART)

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