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All movable properties of government must be insured with GSIS. These include mobile, heavy, and contractor’s equipment used in government offices or projects which must be protected against damage or destruction.

The Property Floater insurance coverage of GSIS is neither subject to policy limitations nor confined to a particular location. GSIS insures the movable property for as long as the movable property is related to government undertakings.

All risks of direct physical loss or damage from any external cause to the insured property such as General Average and Salvage Charges are covered.

Below are the types of movable properties of government that must be insured with GSIS:

  1. Type A – Heavy Equipment, Road Rollers, Dump Trucks, Garbage Compactors, similar vehicle (not regularly utilizing public highways)
  2. Type B – Drilling Equipment, Pumps, Electronic Toll Booth equipment, Generator sets, Construction equipment
  3. Type C – X-ray machines (cartwheel type), stationary, medicine palletizing equipment
  4. Type D – Cell Phones, communication equipment, firearms, computer (laptop), etc.
  5. Type E – Heavy Vehicles/Testing vehicles regularly utilizing the public roads, such as garbage dump truck, smoke belching/environment testing vehicles
  • The Property Insurance floater of GSIS covers the following:
  • Third Party Liability (Bodily Injury/Death)
  • Third Party Liability (Property Damage)
  • Unnamed Driver
  • Passenger/Helper

Requirements for Application


  1. Letter Request for coverage (1 copy, original)
  2. List of Equipment with the following descriptions/specifications: (1 copy, original)
    • Brand/Model
    • Serial number/Chassis number
    • Values
    • Location


  1. Letter Request for extension (1 copy, original)
  2. Updated list of equipment, if applicable (1 copy, original)
Step by Step Procedure on how to apply

  1. Prepare the other necessary requirements.
  2. Fill out a Letter Request
  3. Submit the application to any of the following:
    1. Via Email: or to any GSIS branch office nationwide. For complete list, click here
    2. Via Dropbox: Any GSIS Office nationwide
    3. Via OTC (Over-the-Counter): Any GSIS Office nationwide

For inquiries on the General Insurance Products, concerned parties may visit the GSIS website,, or the GSIS official Facebook page,; send an email to; or call the GSIS Contact Center at 8847-4747 (if in Metro Manila) or 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe and TM subscribers) or 1-800-10-847-4747 (for Smart, Sun, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers).

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