Pensioners’ Emergency Loan

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Pensioners Emergency Loan is a financial assistance offered to pensioners in times of natural calamities or disasters. Its interest rate is 6% per annum and is payable in 36 equal monthly instalments.

Who are qualified to apply for the loan?

Active old-age and disability pensioners may apply for this loan if they reside in a calamity-declared area. Their resulting net monthly pension after loan availment should also be at least 25% of their monthly pension.

How much can I borrow under the program?

The loanable amount is Php20,000.

How can I apply for this loan?

You may apply for this loan using any of the following methods:

  1. GWAPS kiosks
  2. Over-the-counter at any GSIS office across the country
  3. eGSISMO (online facility of GSIS)
  4. Email to the handling branch

What are the documentary requirements in applying for the loan?

For applications filed over-the-counter, via email, and via eGSISMO:

  1. Duly accomplished Application Form for Pensioners Emergency Loan
  2. GSIS UMID or temporary eCard Plus or any two valid government IDs

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