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Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is now adopting contactless methods of accepting application for loans and, claims and benefits to provide our members and pensioners the same quality service, without needlessly exposing them to health risks and viral infection.


    1. Fill out the form and prepare the following in JPEG or PDF files:
      1. Duly accomplished application form (LINK)
      2. Clear picture of the borrower holding his GSIS UMID eCard (or temporary eCard)
      3. If GSIS UMID eCard ot temporary eCard is not available, present two (2) valid IDs instead and do the following:
        • Take a clear photo of the two (2) valid IDs (front and back) and;
        • Take a clear photo of the borrower holding the two (2) ID Cards
    2. Email all the files with the subject:
      TYPE OF GSIS LOAN (underscore) BP NUMBER (underscore) LASTNAME (underscore) FIRSTNAME (underscore) AGENCYNAME
      Email or send it to member’s designated email address
      NOTE: Please note that as much as possible try to use a different email address besides yahoo mail because we are having technical issues here (e.g. MAILER DAEMON error). Also, try to reduce the file size because our email attachment must not exceed 5MB. You can lower the resolution of images, use software apps that reduce resolution, compress files, or send 2 separate emails (e.g. 2MB and 3MB email attachments).
    3. After sending the email, please wait for the following:
      1. Email Acknowledgement from GSIS
      2. Tentative Loan Computation and Loan Conformity
      3. Notification of incomplete and/or non-compliant documents (if applicable)

      For Active Members, once you have submitted the Loan Conformity, GSIS shall be forwarding it to respective AAOs for certification.

    STEP 1: Place your UMID and thumb mark on the GWAPS kiosk near you
    STEP 2: Select the loan application you want to apply and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
    STEP 1: Log-in your account and password
    STEP 2: Select the loan application you want to apply and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.
    STEP 1: Fill out the application form, along with the documentary requirements indicated in the form
    STEP 2: Submit the following thru Drop Box located at the lobbies of GSIS offices
    STEP 1: Fill out the application form at any GSIS office.

Online Filing of Claims

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