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The GSIS My Shield Personal Accident Insurance provides protection 24/7 wherever the insured may be. The applicant may choose from a minimum of PHP50,0000 to a maximum of PHP 5 million coverage.

What are its features?

  1. It covers death caused by any form of accident including animal bites.
  2. It has a medical reimbursement feature for expenses incurred due to an accident. Medical reimbursement is equivalent to the 10% of the sum insured or PHP 50,0000, whichever is lower.
Who may be covered?

  1. Individuals with ages between 3 to 80 years old
  2. Children under the guardianship of active GSIS members, retirees and pensioners (subject to the submission of proof of guardianship)

What is the scope of cover?

  1. Death
    • 100% of the principal sum for loss of life
    • Unprovoked Murder and Assault – 50% of the Principal Sum but not to exceed Php50,000.00
    • Payment for the loss of life indemnity if an accident results to death within 180 days after the date of the accident
  2. Dismemberment, Loss of Sight, Hearing, Speech Indemnity
    • Permanent Total Disability – 1% of the Principal Sum per month for 100 months less any other amount paid or payable under the same policy as a result of the same accident.
    • Medical Expense Reimbursement – Payment of actual expenses incurred within 52 weeks from the date of accident if insured will require treatment by a physician/surgeon, confinement in a hospital or the employment of a nurse.
    • 24-hour Accident Rider – Includes all commercial flying of the insured as passenger – covers against bodily injuries caused by accident while riding as a passenger and not as a flight operator or crew member.
Requirements for Application

    1. Personal Accident Insurance Application Form duly filled out and signed by the Applicant/Assured (1 copy, original) (Download form here)
    2. In case the Applicant/Assureds for the insurance is not GSIS member/pensioner, documentary proof of relationship with GSIS member such as photocopy of Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate (1 copy, original or photocopy)
    3. Unified Multipurpose Identification (UMID) card, for retirees and pensioners. (1 photocopy)
    1. Completely filled out Renewal Form (1 copy, original) (Download form here)

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