Home Shield Fire Insurance

Home Ginhawa for All Home Shield Fire Insurance

The GSIS Home Shield Fire Insurance Program offers fire insurance for properties, with an option to avail of an additional shield against earthquake, typhoon, or flood.

– All Ginhawa bundles are qualified to avail:

  • Active GSIS members (Ginhawa Active)
  • GSIS retirees/pensioners (Ginhawa Grand)
  • The spouse, children, and siblings of active GSIS members and GSIS retirees/pensioners (Ginhawa Plus)
  • Parents of active GSIS members (Ginhawa Plus)

– Types of properties covered under the HSFI:

  • Residential unit
  • Condominium unit
  • Townhouse unit
  • Apartment unit
  • Household or business furniture and fixtures, personal belongings and effects owned by the qualified applicant
  • Any commercial or business unit owned by a corporation where any of the qualified assureds own majority share in the corporation
Requirements for Application

New Applicants:

  1. Duly filled out and signed Fire Insurance Application Form (1 copy, original) (Download the application form here)
  2. Title or Deed of Sale (1 photocopy)
  3. Photocopy of Transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT) and/or tax declaration; In case of corporate properties, the qualified assured must own majority of the shares of the corporation
  4. In case the applicant for the insurance is not the GSIS member/pensioner, documentary proof of relationship with the GSIS member such as PSA certified copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate.
  5. Sketch location of the property Inspection Report of authorized GSIS Officer (You may proceed to the marketing department for Inspection)


  1. Duly filled out and signed Renewal Form (1 copy, original)
Step by Step Procedure on how to apply (for new applicants and renewal)

  1. Download the application form here.
  2. Fill out the application form and prepare the other necessary requirements.
  3. Submit the application to any of the following:
    1. Via Email: marketing@gsis.gov.ph
    2. Via Dropbox: Any GSIS Office nationwide
    3. Via OTC (Over-the-Counter): Any GSIS Office nationwide

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