Emergency Loan

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Emergency Loan is a financial assistance that GSIS Offers to its member/pensioner in times of natural calamities and disasters.

Qualified Member – Borrowers:

Active member who are:

  • Residing or working in a calamity-declared area;
  • Are not on leave of absence without pay;
  • Have paid and remitted premiums equivalent to at least three (3) monthly premium contributions for both Personal and Government share within the last six (6) months prior to application;
  • Have no pending administrative case and/or criminal charge;
  • Have no due and demandable loan; and
  • Have a net take-home pay not lower than the amount required under the General Appropriations Act after deduction of the monthly premium contributions and loan amortization.

Loanable Amount: The loanable amount is ₱20, 000.00. A redemption insurance equivalent to 1.2% of the gross loan amount is deducted from the loan proceeds.

Qualified Member – Borrowers:

Old-age and disability pensioner who are:

  • They reside in a calamity-declared area; and
  • Their resulting net monthly pension after loan availment is at least 25% of their monthly pension.
Payment Term

The loan term is 3 years in 36 equal monthly instalments. The interest of the loan is 6% computed in advance.

Requirements for Application

*Application Form for Emergency Loan (Active Members, Pensioners)

Step by Step Procedure on How to apply

  1. Via eGSISMo
    1. Login to your eGSISMO account (BP number and PW)
    2. Click Loans Application icon and choose Emergency Loan, Loan Type (New or Renewal)
    3. Upload a Picture of Member holding UMID / Temporary CARD or 2 Valid Government IDs if UMID / Temporary CARD is lost (as JPEG or PDF File)
    4. Confirm Loan Agreement and click SAVE
    5. Await email confirmation from GSIS for further instructions.
  2. Via Email
    1. Fill out the Emergency Loan Application Form* and GSIS UMID Card
    2. Save the Application Form as JPEG or PDF File and scan the UMID Card
    3. Email the documents to your GSIS handling branch (link list here)
    4. Await email confirmation from GSIS for further instructions
  3. Via Dropbox
    1. Fill out the Emergency Loan Application Form* and GSIS UMID Card
    2. Print the Application Form and photocopy your UMID Card
    3. Secure the documents in a brown envelope and properly label it with the following information:
    4. Drop off the envelope in the GSIS Handling Branch’s DROP BOX
    5. Await email confirmation from GSIS for further instructions
  4. Via GWAPS Kiosk
    1. Go to a GWAPS kiosk nearest you.
    2. Place your eCard Plus/UMID in the G-W@PS kiosk card reader. Place the enrolled finger in the biometrics scanner. Once recognized, will display your personal data.
    3. Choose Loan Windows icon and click on Emergency Loan
    4. To confirm your loan application, place finger on the biometrics scanner.
    5. Once approved, you can withdraw anytime your loan proceeds from any Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet ATM located nationwide.

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