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GINHAWA FOR ALL (GFAL) responds to the needs and welfare of the people in the government. Just as how the government takes care of its people, GSIS takes care of the people who serve the nation.

GSIS is a constant a reliable partner to every government employee. It ensures the welfare of the employee from the moment they join the government service. To date, it has served over 1.7million employees and it continues to safeguard and increase the fund.

In the quest to be a more visible and reliable partner, GSIS goes step further by being its companion to the employees as they journey through their career in government service. GSIS aims to provide relief or “ginhawa” with the various benefits, loans, and services offered to members, pensioners, and their family members.

  1. GFAL Active: this package is for members in the active service
  2. GFAL Plus: this package is for former government employees, and dependents of Members
  3. GFAL Grand: this package is for the pensioners, and surviving spouse

Each package is composed of the various services made available to the market and ensures the welfare of the government employees. With its womb to tomb benefits and services, GSIS covers the needs of the nation’s servants. It not only caters to the individual, but also assures that assistance is given to the family he belongs to.

True to its mission, the System is the government employee’s “Tunay na GINHAWA para sa miyembro, pensiyonado, at pamilya.”

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Welcome to GFAL Plus Page!
GFAL Plus is for former government employees, and dependents of members. All programs, insurance, and Ginhawa services available to GFAL Plus can be found here.


  1. Fire Insurance
  2. Motor Car Insurance
  3. Personal Accident Insurance


  1. Program for Restructuring and Repayment of Debts
  2. Ginhawa for All Lease with Option to Buy (GFAL LWOB)


  1. 24/7 Accessible Website
  2. 24/7 Call Center Facility
  3. Social Media Platforms
  4. GSIS Touch Mobile App
  5. Electronic Citizen’s Charter (Guide to Transactions and Processes)
  6. Online Filing of Loans and Claims
  7. GSIS Housing Online Payment
  8. Ginhawa Payment Facilities
  9. CSR and Museo

Ang tunay na GINHAWA para sa dating members at dependents!
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