Miscellaneous Lines

Miscellaneous insurance covers livestock, fidelity guarantee, comprehensive triple “D” (dishonesty, disappearance and destruction) and Comprehensive General Liability (CGL). The latter includes damages for death and care, loss of services resulting from bodily injury, as well as damages for loss of use of property resulting from property damage.

Miscellaneous insurance includes the following:

  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance -insures all losses arising from business premises of operations;
  •  Fidelity Insurance -protects the insured against the embezzlement of funds by employees and agents;
  •  Fine Arts Insurance -insures against all risks for works of arts;
  •  Mercantile Robbery And Safe Burglary – covers felonious and forcible taking of insured property from within the insured’s premises. Also refers to insurance coverage against loss of or liability for loss of contents of a safety deposit box;
  •  Money, Securities and Payroll Robbery – protects business against losses of securities and money except from forgery and dishonesty of employees. Loss may occur either outside or inside the premises;
  •  Bankers Blanket Bond Policy -insures against losses due to robbery, burglary, or dishonesty of employees and officers of the bank; and
  •  Directors And Officers Liability (DOLI) -shields Heads of Offices or employees against liability for any wrongful act in the performance of this duties.

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