Overview on General Insurance

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The Government Service Insurance System, by virtue of Republic Act 656 and as amended by Presidential Decree 245, is mandated to insure all properties, assets, and interests of the government against any insurable risk. Thus,  GSIS offers various  non-life insurance products that provide  protection to both institutional and individual clients.

For institutional clients, GSIS offers non-life insurance coverage such as fire, engineering, marine hull and cargo, aviation, contractor’s all risk, bonds, motor car, and personal accident. For individual clients, including GSIS members, pensioners and their dependents, the pension fund offers GCare Plans, an umbrella of products that include Home Shield, Auto Shield and MyShield.

GSIS also offers compulsory third party liability (CTPL) insurance as part of its mandate to issue all forms of non-life insurance.

All government involvement or exposure in corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, associations, and the like in whatever form like loans, credit guarantee, tax incentives, or discounts, donations, investments, financing, and franchising, shall be construed as government interest and it shall be mandatory for these operations, partnerships, joint ventures, and associations  to obtain their insurances and bonds from GSIS.

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