eBCS Functionalities

Downloading of Monthly Electronic Billing File (EBF)

  1. Generation of Billing file – The system reads positive billing data from GSIS database to generate Excel EBFs for Remitting Agency.
  • The Excel EBFs will be available for download every 1st day of the month
  • An e-mail notification will be sent to Remitting Agencies’ RA Officer and Finance Officer’s official email address to inform availability of your agency’s billing file.
  • A succeeding email notification will be sent to remind Remitting Agencies for the settlement of your bills.
  • The limit per Excel worksheet is 60,000 members, in case the EBF will exceed the said limit, expect multiple worksheets.
  1. Search and Download Billing Files
  • Enables user to search and download the Remitting Agencies’ down to the last twelve (12) months Excel EBF.
  • RA Officer and Finance Officer are allowed to download their RAs’ Excel EBFs only
  • Only the most recent twelve (12) month’s EBFs can be downloaded. For billing files beyond the 12-month limit, RAs can request for retrieval of their billing file to GSIS.
  1. Search Billing Files
  1. Download Billing Files

Uploading of Agency’s Electronic Remittance File (ERF)

  1. Process
  • Enables user to upload corresponding Remitting Agency’s ERF for validation against GSIS database.
  • Authorized Remitting Agency users are allowed to upload their RAs ERFs only.
  • The system will only accept uploading of remittance file in zip format containing one (1) .xls or .xlsx file:
  1. Upload speed is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file being uploaded.
  2. Uploading of your ERF will not be processed if the internet connection during upload is interrupted. If this incident happens, you may upload your ERF again.
  3. Uploading of ERF for the same agency and same due month will be allowed by the system given that the filename is unique.
  4. Upload speed is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of the file being uploaded.
  5. For Excel ERFs:
    i. Your Excel ERFs could contain multiple sheets (1 sheet per due month)
    ii. Excel ERF column names should follow the standard naming
  6. To indicate your remittance file’s specific sub-agency on the Summary of Totals (SOT) report, select the desired sub-agency in the dropdown list.
  7. To create zip file
  8. Email notification after uploading ERF
  1. ERF Status Description
Uploaded ERF was successfully uploaded
Processing Matching in process
ERF Below Threshold Rate of successfully matched ERF records is below the threshold set by the GSIS
Re-uploaded ERF was successfully re-uploaded
Passed Rate of successfully matched ERF records is equal to or above the threshold set by the GSIS
Locked Uploaded ERF is final, ready for payment and cannot be edited
Pending Payment Confirmation ERF is already paid and was paid through Bank and GSIS is awaiting for Proof of payment for OR issuance
Paid GSIS acknowledged the agency payment

The system will only accept uploading of remittance file in zip format containing one (1) .xls or .xlsx file.

Viewing History and generating reports

  1. Uploading
    • Enables user to re-upload and overwrite a previously uploaded ERF.
    • Only ERF status set to “Uploaded”, “Passed” or “Below Threshold” can be re-uploaded.
  1. Matching
    • A system generated process of validating ERF member records against GSIS database.
    • Matching Process is based on GSIS Approved Matching Rules
    • Any uploaded/re-uploaded file by the users will be subjected to Matching Process.
    • Exception reports will be generated for the unmatched record found during matching:
    • RPT-01: ERF Unmatched Name
    • RPT-02: ERF Clarificatory Items and
    • RPT-03: ERF Comparative Report of EBF and ERF per Account.
  1. Viewing History and Understanding Reports
Exception Report Case
1. Unmatched Names Unmatched Name
Inactive Member
Inactive MSP
2. Clarificatory Report New Member
BP Member Match found in Other Agency
Invalid BP Number found in ERF
No Insurance Object found
3. Comparative Report Underpayment (-)
Overpayment (+)
No Match (+)

• Upon performing ALL Matching process, system will validate result based on the threshold limit.
• In the following formula:
• Total no. of records in the ERF x Threshold (%) = Passed ERF records
• If total no. of matched record ≥ Passed ERF records then ERF is “Passed”. Otherwise, ERF is “Below Threshold or failed”.

  1. ERF Inquiry
    • Enables user to search and view details of a specific Agency’s Electronic Remittance File (ERF).
    • View ERF Details also enables user to download Exception Reports, Lock ERF, Download SOT and Pay ERF.
  2. Download Exception Report
  3. Comparative reports
  4. Unmatched Items
  5. Clarificatory Items
  6. Member Inquiry
  7. Search Remitting Agency
  8. Locking of ERF

Downloading of User’s Manual