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GSIS Electronic Billing and Collection System (eBCS) – a web-based application that will enable Remitting Agencies (RAs) to:
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  • download their respective Electronic Billing Files (EBFs),
  • upload their Electronic Remittance Files (ERFs)


where it would be validated for errors and accept collections on Remitting Agency payment thru
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  • a conduit bank through Online Payment
  • Payment-Thru-Bank or
  • GSIS Over-The-Counter (OTC).


eBCS Functionalities

Impact of eBCS in the Existing Process

  1. Receipt of Billing Files
  2. Preparation of Billing Files
  3. Pay dues and transmit ERF
  4. Posting of payments
  5. Ways to address discrepancies noted between remittance file against billing files

System requirements

  1. Browser
    a. Mozilla Firefox version 12
    b. Internet Explorer 8 or higher
    c. Google Chrome
  2. eBCS URL : https://ebcs.gsis.gov.ph/
  3. Software
    a. Microsoft Excel 2003-2010
    b. Adobe Reader 10
    c. 7-zip or Windows’ default file archiver

Authorization Matrix

  1. Finance Officer – Person responsible for the budget allocation of the prepared remittance file
  2. ERF Officer/Handler – Person responsible for the preparation of Remittance file

Navigating eBCS

  1. Main Menu

    a. Header Menu

    b. Side Menu
  2. Logging in/out of eBCS
  3. Change password and security question upon initial log in
  4. Use of CAPTCHA
  5. Change password
  6. Forgot password
  7. Unlock password