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CSC cites GSIS for exemplary service
CSC cites GSIS for exemplary service

Date Posted: July 5, 2017

Seal of Excellence Awardees. Five GSIS offices from North Luzon were recently conferred the Citizen’s Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence for exemplary service—Bulacan, Cabanatuan, Pampanga, Tarlac and Iba. Chairman Francisco Duque III is flanked by North Luzon Vice President Ed Fernandez, Vice President Margie Jorillo, Cauayan Manager Araceli Santos, Cabanatuan Manager Mabel de Guzman, Bulacan Manager Leon Ma. Fajardo, Bataan Manager Arlene Villanueva, Tarlac Manager Roberto Meneses, Pampanga Staff Officer II Anna Liza de Guzman, Pampanga Officer in Charge Alma Fatima Hilario, Officer in Charge Senior Vice President for Luzon Group Salvacion Mate (extreme right), Lucena Manager Carmencita Ong (second from right) and GSIS employees.

State pension fund Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) garnered the most number of Citizen’s Satisfaction Center Seal of Excellence for exemplary frontline service in Region 3 in simple ceremonies held in Pampanga on Friday.

The five branch offices that earned the coveted Seal are Bulacan, Cabanatuan, Pampanga and Tarlac as well as the Iba extension office.

GSIS Chairman Francisco Duque III received the recognition on behalf of the pension fund.

The branch offices all garnered an ‘Excellent’ rating (90 to 100% with passing marks in all sub-areas) under the Anti Red Tape Act – Report Card Survey (ARTA-RCS) and passed the two levels of validation conducted by the Civil Service Commission.

ARTA-RCS rates agencies based on clients’ perception and feedback on the quality, efficiency and adequacy of different frontline services of government agencies. It also checks if agencies comply with ARTA provisions including the observance of the No Noon Break Policy, no fixing activities, wearing of easy-to-read IDs or nameplates by frontline service providers, and presence of public assistance and complaints desk. Feedback on customer satisfaction is also obtained through ARTA-RCS.

“It has been a remarkable journey for GSIS. From a Failed rating of 74% in 2012, it topped the back-to-back ARTA surveys in 2014 and 2015 when GSIS earned the highest percentage of offices nationwide that have been rated Excellent,” Chairman Duque said.

GSIS Bulacan, Pampanga and Cabanatuan branch offices merited a five-star rating each with Php100,000 cash reward and wall-mountable plaque. Tarlac branch office earned four stars receiving Php25,000 cash and wall-mountable plaque. Iba extension office is a three-star awardee with wall-mountable plaque.

“Our Bulacan branch miserably failed in 2012 and had the second lowest rating in Northern Luzon. Now it’s already a hall of famer having earned three Seals,” Duque said.

To date, 50 GSIS branch offices have received the Seal for exemplary service delivery and strict adherence to the provisions of ARTA.

Chairman Duque said that GSIS will “never be complacent and is poised to rise even higher as it competes in the global arena” in the next six years.

“Our new vision benchmarks GSIS as one of the top three defined-benefit pension fund institutions in the ASEAN region by pursuing service quality and sound financial management.”