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Premium Payments

GSIS, as designed in its charter,  is a social insurance institution under a defined benefit scheme.  As such it insures its members, against the occurrence of certain contingencies (events such as separation from the service, retirement, disability, or death) in exchange for their monthly premium contributions.

A premium contribution refers to the amount payable to GSIS by the members (personal share)  and government agencies or  employers  (government share) to which they  belong.

Section 5 (a) of RA 8291 provides that “it shall be mandatory for the member and the employer to pay the monthly contributions specified in the following schedule:”

Monthly Compensation  Percentage of Monthly Compensation Payable by:
Member Employer
I.  Maximum Average Monthly Compensation (AMC) Limit and Below  9% 12%
II. Over the Maximum AMC Limit-Up to Maximum AMC Limit-   In excess of the AMC Limit  9% 12%

Further, members of the judiciary and constitutional commissioners shall pay three percent (3%) of their monthly compensation as personal share, and their employers a corresponding three percent (3%) share for their life insurance coverage.

Section 5 (b) also provides that “the employer shall include in its annual appropriation the necessary amounts for its share of the contributions …plus any additional premiums that may be required …”