Advisory on Contactless Filing of GSIS Claims

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Date Posted: May 29, 2020

In compliance with Advisory No. 1, s of 2020 of the Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) and the social distancing measures imposed by the government, all GSIS offices nationwide will strictly adopt contactless methods of filing claims for social insurance, employee compensation and pre-need benefits. The new claim filing methods are intended to avoid the spread of COVID-19 through face-to-face interaction.

Contactless Methods of Filing Claims
Starting 1 June 2020, the filing of claims in all GSIS offices must be done through any of the following methods:

  1. Drop Box located at the lobbies of GSIS offices
  2. Postal mail or courier
  3. Email through Agency Authorized Officers (AAO) or Liaison Officers (LO) to be sent to the designated email address of GSIS Handling Branch/Department
  4. Email using the claimant’s personal email address to be sent to the designated email address of GSIS handling Branch/Departments. The preferred email address of the claimant to be used in sending the documents is the one contained in his or her GSIS records.

For the list of GSIS email addresses, please refer to this advisory:

For claims filed through email, the original copies of the documents must be subsequently submitted within ten (10) days from sending of email to enable GSIS to evaluate the claimant’s credentials before payment.

List of Claims that may be filed through Contactless Methods
The contactless methods of claims filing will be available to all members, pensioners and legal heirs who will file for the following benefits:

  1. Life insurance claim (maturity or cash surrender regular or optional policies)
  2. Retirement claim
  3. Survivorship claim
  4. Death Claim
  5. Funeral claim
  6. Request for Pension Accrual
  7. Employees compensation
  8. Pre-need
  9. Other Social Insurance Related Claims reflected in GSIS Citizen’s Charter

Submission of Documentary Requirements

  1. Forms for claim application may be downloaded from the GSIS website ( under Quick Links)
  2. The duly accomplished claim application form, along with the documentary requirements indicated in the form, must be submitted to GSIS through any of the filing methods (Drop box, postal mail, email through LO or AAO, individual email).
  3. When submitting through email, the following must be observed:
    1. The email subject or title must follow this format: GSIS _____
      Example: “GSIS LIFE CLAIM_2000123456_DELA CRUZ_JUAN-CGO CDO”
    2. All required documents must be scanned to ensure that such are clear and readable.
    3. Email attachments must be in a readable format with file size not exceeding 4MB. If the size exceeds the limit, submission may be made through multiple emails.
    4. In addition to the documentary requirements, a clear photo of the claimant holding the duly accomplished application form and his/her UMID card (or two valid IDs in the absence of a UMID card) must be submitted.
  4. For retirement and separation claim, the member, upon receipt of the GSIS electronic notification approving the claim, must submit the following to GSIS through any of the new methods of filing (Drop box, postal mail, email through LO or AAO, individual email).
    1. Scanned copy of notarized Declaration of Pendency/Non-pendency of Case Copy (DPNPC)
    2. Clear photo of the member holding the notarized DPNPC

If submission was made through email, the original copy of the notarized DPNPC must be subsequently submitted to GSIS within five (5) calendar days from submission.