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Electronic Remittance File Officers

The Electronic Remittance File (ERF) Officers, along with the AAOs, are responsible for the following:

  1. To receive, on behalf of their agency, these documents from GSIS :
  • Billing file for the due month;
  • Monthly reconciliation billing issues (RBIs); and
  • Notices of deficiency
  1. To deduct from the monthly salaries of employees in their agency, the premiums and loan repayments due GSIS.
  1. To prepare the monthly remittance files using the following as inputs:
  • Billing file for the due month;
  • Notices to deduct received;
  • Data on their employees with increments or promotion that will take effect on the particular due month; and
  • List of employees from the agency who retired, separated, resigned or transferred to other agencies.
  1. To ensure that the ERF complies with the format prescribed by GSIS and the indicated Business Partner numbers of the employees are correct and complete.
  1. To accomplish the proper membership updating form for employees in their agencies;
  1. To coordinate with the agency’s AAO to ensure that membership updating forms are forwarded to the GSIS membership coordinators before the monthly remittance is paid;
  1. To ensure that the monthly remittance for premiums and loans is paid before the 10th of the month following the due month; and
  1. To prepare the membership updating forms addressing the RBIs, if applicable, before the preparation of the following month’s remittance file.