Retirement under Republic Act 1616(Take All Retirement Mode)

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Retirement under RA 1616 may be availed by those who entered government service on or before May 31, 1977 and who rendered at least 20 years of service regardless of age and employment status. Further, the  last three years of service prior to retirement must be continuous, except in cases of death,disability, abolition or phase out of position due to reorganization.


  1. Gratuity payable by the last employer based on the total period with paid premiums converted into gratuity months multiplied by the highest compensation received.The gratuity months shall be computed as follows: 

    Years of Service   Gratuity (Months)
    First 20 years   One (1) month salary
    20 years to 30 years   One point five (1.5) months salary
    Over 30 years   Two (2) months salary
  1. Refund of retirement premiums consisting of personal contributions of retirees plus interest, and government share without interest, payable by the GSIS.

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