GSIS offers various retirement programs that retiring members may choose from depending on their age and and length of service.

Retirement Under RA 8291
Five-year lump sum or cash payment with instant pension.

Retirement under Republic Act 660
Also called “Magic 87,” this option provides both annuity and lifetime pension.

Retirement under Republic Act 1616
Refund of GSIS premiums and gratuity payment from employers.

Retirement under Presidential Decree 1146
Only those who have been in government service after May 31, 1977 but before June 24, 1997 may avail of this retirement program. Retirement under PD 1146 gives members a choice between a Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) and Cash Payment.

Retirement under Republic Act 7699 (Portability Law )
Combining GSIS and SSS periods with paid premiums to qualify for retirement programs offered by both pension funds.

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