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Compulsory Life Insurance Coverage for GSIS Members

Compulsory Life Insurance Coverage for GSIS Members



GSIS provides two (2) types of compulsory life insurance coverages for its members: the Life Endowment Policy (LEP) and the Enhanced Life Policy (ELP).

  • The GSIS started with the LEP program.  Designed to provide members with life insurance coverage while still in active service, the LEP provides maturity benefits to policy holders upon reaching the maturity of their policy.


  • ELP on the other hand took effect last August 1, 2003.  The following members are covered under this program:
  1. Those who entered the service starting August 1, 2003;
  2. Those whose policies matured on or after July 31, 2003, and who will continue to be active members after the maturity date; and
  3. Those who opted or will opt to convert their LEP into ELP.


            ELP provides an automatic yearly insurance coverage to new members of GSIS based on their monthly compensation. The objective of ELP is to provide an enhanced death benefit for the member’s family.

The following are the policy features of LEP and ELP:

Particular LEP ELP
Implementation Date Up to July 31, 2003 August 1, 2003 onwards
Plan Type Age Bracket                      Insurance     
                                              Plan30 years old & below         E-4531 years to 40                     E-5541 years to 59                     E-6560 years & over                  OL
Yearly Renewable Term Insurance
Amount of Insurance(AOI)
  •   Insurance Plan
  •   Age at Issue
  •   Basic Salary

An Insurance Factor is applied to the Annual Salary to get AOI

Last Monthly Salary x 12 x 1.5
Policy Loan 50% of the Cash Value 90% of the Termination Value
Maturity Value Original Amount of Insurance plus Supplementaries Not Applicable
Dividends Based on the Policy Reserves * Based on the Accumulated Termination Value **


       *     Reserves represent the ideal amount that must be set aside for the policy to provide the promised benefits. 

         **   Termination value represents the value earned by ELP, which accumulates at a rate equivalent to 25% for every monthly life insurance premium due and paid in full.