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Funeral Benefit

GSIS provides a Php30,000 funeral benefit  to the following:

  1. An active member;
  2. A member who has been separated from the service but who is entitled to future separation or retirement benefit;
  3. An member who is an old age pensioner;
  4. A retiree who at the time of his retirement was of pensionable age under RA 8291 but who opted to retire under RA 1616; and
  5. A member who retired under RA 1616 prior to the effectivity of RA 8291 with at least 20 years of service, regardless of age.

The benefit is payable to the members of the family of the deceased, according to the following priorities:

  1. Legitimate spouse
  2. Legitimate child who spent for the funeral services, or
  3. any other person who can show unquestionable proof of his having borne the funeral expenses of the deceased.

The requirements are as follows:

If claimant is the legal spouse:

  1. Original copy of Death Certificate of the member from the National Statistics Office (NSO).
  2. Original copy of Marriage Contract from NSO
  3. Two valid IDs (original to be shown, photocopy to be submitted)
  4. Original copy of NSO-certified Birth Certificate of the claimant (if there will be claims for death and survivorship benefits). If not registered, may apply for late registration.

For immediate full payment of the benefits, and in the absence of NSO Birth Certificate, valid passport or visa; driver’s license; PRC ID with record of birth may be submitted

Claimant’s birth certificate is not required if  the claimant is either  a  GSIS member or pensioner.
If claimant is other than the legal spouse (application will be accepted only if the legal spouse is already deceased.  In this case,  priority is given to legitimate children)

  1. Original copy of Death Certificate of the member from NSO.
  2. GSIS Affidavit of Funeral Expense Form
  3. Original & Xerox copy of Official Receipt under the claimant’s name or if a Funeral Plan was used, a Certification from the memorial service provider that the plan was availed of.
  4. Two valid IDs (original to be shown, photocopy to be submitted)
  5. Birth certificate of the claimant   or valid ID (issued by the government) indicating his/her date of birth.