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Apply for a loan thru G-W@PS

Your financial worries are solved by applying for a loan through the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (G-W@PS) Kiosk. Absolutely, no documents are required when filing for a loan using the G-W@PS kiosk which resembles an automated teller machine.

Here are 10 easy steps to apply for a loan through the G-W@PS kiosk:

  1. Go to a GSIS office nearest you.
  2. Place your eCard Plus in the G-W@PS kiosk card reader. It will display your personal data.
  3. Choose Loan Windows icon. The screen will display the type of loans
  4. Touch the loan icon you prefer (example: Consoloan, Salary loan, Emergency loan assistance, summer one-month salary loan). The screen will display the tentative computation of your preferred loan. You may change the loanable amount or payment terms.
  5. The Kiosk will prompt you to update your cellphone number and agree to the Application Agreement.
  6. If you want to proceed with the application, touch “Agree” icon. If you want to cancel, touch “Cancel” icon.
  7. If you touched “Agree,” the screen will display the verification page. You may select the finger to be used for verification.
  8. To confirm your loan application, place selected finger on the biometric scanner. Your loan will be forwarded to your Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) for approval/disapproval.
  9. Wait for a text message notifying you of the status of your loan application.
  10. Once approved, you can withdraw anytime your loan proceeds from any Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet ATM located nationwide.

G-W@PS epitomizes the “dependable, anytime, anywhere” battle cry of the GSIS. It brings GSIS closer to its members and pensioners.