eCard Plus

The GSIS eCard is, by far, the most innovative government-issued identification card today. This is because the eCard Plus is not just a GSIS membership ID Card, it is also a GSIS transactional card, disbursement card, ATM Card, VISA debit card, hospitalization discount card, medicine discount card, and tuition discount card, among others.

eCard Plus as utility card
The eCard Plus is really the ultimate all-in-one card. Learn more how more and more GSIS members and pensioners are experiencing its many benefits.

Enroll for eCard Plus
It’s about time you get your own eCard Plus. Getting one is easier than you think. All you need to do is visit your servicing GSIS office.

G-W@PS Kiosk
Using your eCard Plus, you can check your GSIS records, renew your active status (for pensioners), and even apply for GSIS loans, when you go to any G-W@PS kiosk installed in all GSIS offices and other major government offices all over the country.
Apply for a Loan

Using their eCard or UMID card, members may apply for Consoloan and policy loan while pensioners may apply for pension loan.

Check your Record

Know your membership records, record of creditable services, loans and other important facts about your GSIS membership. Here’s how.

eCard Replacement
Here’s how you can get a new eCard Plus in case you lose or damage the one you have.

Online banking
Manage your eCard Plus ATM account or pay bill online.

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