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Agency Authorized Officers (AAOs)

Agency Authorized Officers or AAOs, serve as the links of GSIS to its partner remitting agencies. They have the following responsibilities:

  1. Certify the loan applications of members in their agencies as to the following:
  • That the net take home pay of members is sufficient to cover the regular monthly amortization of the loan applied for;
  • That loan borrowers are in active service;
  • That loan borrowers have no pending administrative and/or criminal charge; and
  • That in case of separation from the service, the agency shall make the final payment to members only after clearance is obtained from GSIS;
  1. To ensure that there is an Alternate AAO available or on duty during his/her absence, who shall be granted access to the AAO module (facility that will electronically transmit to the AAO, the loan applications of members for approval) on loan certification only on those dates when the Principal AAO is on leave;
  1. To transmit electronically to GSIS, all membership updating request forms;
  1. To coordinate with Electronic Remittance File (ERF) officers on the following:
  • Timely deduction of the monthly amortization due on the loans certified or approved;
  • Changes in the membership records submitted to GSIS are duly reflected in the next generated remittance file; and
  • Resolution of the Reconciliation Billing Issues (RBIs) forwarded by GSIS;
  • Preparation of appropriate membership updating forms and transmittal to GSIS before the following month’s remittance.
  1. To monitor feedback from the GSIS Membership Coordinator and to submit any additional requirements promptly;
  1. To transmit to the officer or employee concerned of the agency, the circulars and/or information dissemination materials, and requests for data or information forwarded by the GSIS through the AAO module or email address of the AAO; and
  1. To attend trainings and retrainings on the use of the AAO module, the functions of the AAOs and the evaluation of performance of the AAOs.

To date, there are more than 15,000 AAOs nationwide.