The new GSIS Logo and Slogan

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Service, integrity, new beginnings and hope. These are the principles represented behind the visual symbolisms and elements of the new GSIS corporate logo to capture the spirit of its current vision and mission.

The new logo adopts the color combination of blue, green and yellow. Blue, a friendly color, represents service and integrity. Green suggests freshness, new beginnings and grounded values. While yellow, which adopts the shade nearest to the color of the sun in the Philippine flag, represents a color of intelligence and hope.

The ray design in the Philippine flag, unique only to the Philippines, forms a significant part of the logo. The three rays stand for the GSIS, its members and pensioners, and its institutional and corporate partners. The sun rays also underscore the crucial interdependency and cooperation among these three entities for the GSIS to achieve its new vision and mission.

A rising sun suggests the promise of a better tomorrow for both the institution and its stakeholders. While the white upward swoosh, which divides the colors blue and green, represents the road ahead.

The new slogan “MAAASAHAN NG LINGKOD-BAYAN” succintly captures the enduring goal of the pension fund to provide reliable service to its more than 1.7 million members and pensioners.

The new GSIS logo was unveiled on the occasion of the System’s 75th Anniversary in May 2012.