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Republic Act No. 8291

Otherwise known as the Government Service Insurance Act of 1997 which amended the 20-year old revised charter of the GSIS, known as Presidential Decree No. 1146.

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 8291

Instituted reforms to increase coverage and expand benefits given by the GSIS to all government employees.

Presidential Decree No. 1641

Further amended the Employee’s Compensation Program and State Insurance Fund of the Labor Code of the Philippines and upgraded the benefits structure for all covered employees.

Presidential Decree No. 1519

Revised the Philippine Medical Care Act to provide total medical services to the people of the Philippines through a comprehensive and coordinated medical care plan.

Presidential Decree No. 1368

Amended the Book Four of the Labor Code of the Philippines, in particular, defined the coverage of the Employee’s Compensation Program.

Presidential Decree No. 1146

Expanded, increased and integrated the social security and insurance benefits of all government employees.

Presidential Decree No. 626

Amended the Presidential Decree No. 442 or the Labor Code of the Philippines to effect adjustments needed to coordinate grant of social security benefits.

Republic Act No. 7699

Also known as the Portability Law which allows the addition of all creditable services or periods of contributions made continuously or in the aggregate of a worker under either the GSIS or SSS for eligibility and computation of benefits.

Republic Act No. 6111

Established the Philippine Medical Care Plan and created the Philippine Medical Care Commission.

Republic Act No. 4968

Amended again Commonwealth Act No. 186 to further define life insurance, retirement insurance, compulsory membership and rates of premium contributions.

Republic Act No. 3593

Amended Commonwealth Act No. 186 to provide immediate life insurance coverage and compulsory membership as well as increase additional life insurance coverage to all government employees.

Republic Act No. 1616

A retirement option of the GSIS popularly known as “The Take All” Option.

Republic Act No. 660

A retirement option of the GSIS which is also known as the “Magic 87”.

Commonwealth Act No. 186

The GSIS is created as a social insurance fund for all employees of the Philippine government.

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