Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is UMID?

UMID stands for the Unified Multi-Purpose ID. The UMID will be the single ID card of all SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG members.

  1. Why is GSIS introducing a new card when it already has the eCard Plus?

The adoption of the UMID system is in compliance with Executive Order No. 420 dated April 13, 2005 which required all government agencies and government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) to streamline and harmonize their identification systems, and Executive Order No. 700 dated January 16, 2008 which identified the social security identification system as the core of the UMID system and directed the SSS to implement the streamlining and harmonization of the ID systems of all government agencies and GOCCs.

The features of the GSIS eCard Plus will be retained even if a new ID card is issued to GSIS members and pensioners.

  1. Will all the features of the GSIS eCard Plus be retained if a new ID card is issued?

The UMID-compliant eCard will still give you the following benefits:

  • disbursement card to withdraw proceeds of GSIS loans, claims or loans using any Megalink, Bancnet and Expressnet ATM
  • personal ATM savings account that does not require any maintaining balance
  • debit card that can be used at any local establishment that uses a Megalink Point-of-Sale terminal
  • over the counter cash withdrawal from selected MLhuillier branches and PhilPost offices nationwide
  • online payment of bills through e-payment facilities of partner banks of GSIS
  • hospitalization discount card that gives you and your dependents up to 50% discounts from partner hospitals thru the GSIS Hospitalization Support Program (GHSP)
  • medicine discount card that gives you as much as 55% discount on Pfizer-manufactured medicines
  • education discount card that gives you 20% scholarship grant on tuition and laboratory fees at all STI branches nationwide

Only the VISA-debit card feature of your eCard Plus is not available in the UMID-compliant eCard.

  1. If I have my new eCard Plus, do I have to enroll for the UMID-compliant eCard?

Yes, all GSIS members and pensioners who have their eCard Plus are required to enroll for the UMID-compliant eCard.

  1. You are producing another card apart from the e-Card, presumably with another number. As it is, I am already confused as to what card number is relevant in my e-Card to identify me as a member of GSIS.

Under the UMID System, the four agencies shall adopt a common reference number (CRN) to be issued by SSS. The CRN shall be linked to the ID numbers of SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG.

  1. What is the advantage of the UMID-compliant eCard over the eCard Plus?

When a GSIS member has the UMID-compliant eCard, this will serve as a valid identification card not only for GSIS but also for SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG. Hence, if you are a GSIS member and at the same time a member of SSS, PhilHealth or Pag-IBIG, your ID cards for these government agencies and GOCCs are unified into one (1) UMID-compliant eCard which can be used as a valid transaction and identification card.

  1. Will the UMID replace the new eCard Plus?

Yes, the UMID-compliant eCard will replace the eCard Plus for GSIS members and pensioners. Since there should only be one (1) identification card, GSIS was authorized to issue UMID-compliant eCard to its members and pensioners, and use the same as its eCard Plus.

The UMID-compliant eCard carries with it all the existing features of the eCard Plus. Working together, the UMID-compliant eCard and the GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System (G-W@PS) kiosk serve as a virtual GSIS office wherein you can check your records and apply for loans.

Similarly, if you are a pensioner, you can still use the UMID-compliant eCard and the G-W@PS kiosk to renew your active status during your birth month to ensure that disbursements of your monthly pension benefits will not be stopped.

An additional feature is the UMID’s distinct characteristic of being a unified ID for GSIS, SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG.

  1. What will happen to my eCard Plus?

The GSIS eCard Plus shall be deactivated immediately once the member or pensioner has activated his UMID-compliant eCard. Within 72 hours, the UMID-compliant eCard can now be used when transacting with GSIS thru the GW@PS kiosk.

  1. Will all my records as GSIS member be available in the UMID-compliant eCard? Will these records be available to all the participating agencies?

The records that were accessible to you when you were using your eCard Plus will still be accessible when you use the UMID-compliant eCard. Only the common records such as name, date of birth, civil status, office, will be shared by the participating agencies. Members are assured of the confidentiality of these records since the participating agencies will adopt a data security protocol for UMID.

  1. Are all GSIS members and pensioners required to have UMID-compliant eCard?

Yes, all GSIS members and pensioners are required to have the UMID-compliant eCard. Once this card is activated, this will be the official card of any member or pensioner who would like to avail of GSIS’ eServices thru the GW@PS kiosk.

  1. Will the member shoulder the expenses if he enrolls for UMID-compliant eCard?

As in the previous issuance of eCards, the member does not have to pay anything in order to enroll and get his UMID-compliant eCard

  1. What do I need to bring in order to enroll for the UMID-compliant eCard Plus?

Upon enrollment, the GSIS member or pensioner is required to present his eCard Plus, or any two valid IDs and enrollment form

  1. Where can I get the enrollment form for the UMID-compliant eCard?

You can download the enrollment form for UMID at the GSIS website (UMID application form for new enrolles | UMID application form for with eCard Plus) or get a copy at the GSIS enrollment centers.

  1. Where should I go to enroll for the UMID-compliant eCard?

Enrollment for UMID shall be thru the enrollment centers of the GSIS.

In the event that a GSIS member is also an SSS member, he shall be required to enroll in GSIS so that the UMID that will be issued to him has the banking facility feature of the eCard Plus.

There will also be off-site enrollment centers which will be announced by GSIS.

  1. How will I be informed of the enrollment schedule?

If you are in NCR, you can enroll at the GSIS Head Office and Quezon City Regional Office, Mondays to Fridays, during office hours.

If you are in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, your GSIS servicing office will schedule your enrollment by agency and the respective agencies will be informed of the schedule. You may inquire with your Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) as to your agency's enrollment arrangements with the GSIS.

GSIS will also announce off-site enrollment centers where walk-in enrollees will be accommodated.

  1. Where can I get the procedures for the UMID-compliant eCard application?

GSIS has prepared the procedures for the UMID-compliant eCard application and these will be made available in the leading newspapers, GSIS website and AAO website.

  1. How will I get my UMID-compliant eCard after enrollment?

Your UMID-compliant eCard will be sent to you through your Agency Liaison Officers (LOs). For pensioners, your UMID-compliant eCard will be sent through postal mail.