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Getting your Pension

You, as a GSIS pensioner, are assured of continuously receiving your monthly pension through your eCard Plus savings account if you renew your active status annually, on your birth month.

Monthly pensions are credited to your eCard Plus account on the 8th day of every month, or the next banking day, in case the eighth day falls on a weekend or holiday.

You can use your eCard Plus as an ATM card and withdraw your pensoin, in the currency of the country you are in, from any ATM abroad with a VISA PLUS sign.

Revoked Annual Renewal of Active Status (ARAS) requirement for pension benefit

The GSIS and the National Statistics Office (NSO) have just recently entered into a partnership wherein both Agencies will exchange information on records of pensioners in their respective databases. Any duly – verified and validated information will then be the basis of GSIS in determining the eligibility of pensioners to receive monthly pension.

Under the GSIS and NSO partnership, GSIS pensioners will now be relieved of the pains and hardships that they go through every time they comply with the GSIS requirement on the Annual Renewal of Active Status (ARAS) during their birth month to ensure the continuous receipt of their monthly pension.

Simply put, beginning May 2011, GSIS, subject to certain conditions, will no longer require from our pensioners that they go to any GSIS offices for their Annual Renewal of Active Status (ARAS) on their birth month.

For the proper guidance of our pensioners, hereunder are the rules governing the matter:

A. For pensioners residing in the Philippines who are currently receiving their monthly pension as of May 2011: no more ARAS is required

B. For pensioners residing abroad, whether in the active or suspended status: they would still be required to renew their active status annually on their birth month via GVAPS or video call or through the use of Skype, a web-based software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet free of charge.

C. For Pensioners who are suspended as of May 2011; and those whose birth months were last March or April 2011 but have failed to do their ARAS during the said months: they are required to comply with the ARAS for the last time in order to reactivate their status. Otherwise, they shall remain under suspended status. However, once they have done the ARAS, they shall no longer be required to comply with it thereafter.

D. For Pensioners who are suspended as of May 2011 who are bed-ridden or 80-years of age and above, including those whose birth month is either March or April and have not renewed their active status because they are bed-ridden or 80-years of age and above: they should request from GSIS a home visit to activate their status. Thereafter, they shall no longer be required to comply with the ARAS.

Rest assured that the GSIS continues to find ways to improve its services to its valued pensioners.

For any queries, you may call (02) 479-3645.