As of July 22, 2015

Office of the President and General Manager
Robert G. Vergara President and General Manager Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees
Gloria Georgina DJ Jota Chief of Staff
Neil Edwin C. Perez Legal Affairs Technical Staff Vice President
vacant Corporate Affairs Technical Staff Vice President
Giovanni G. Gan Frontline Services Technical Staff Vice President
Juliet M. Bautista Internal Audit Services Vice President
Actuarial and Risk Management Group
Severina L. Resurreccion Senior Vice President
Valerie K. Marquez Risk Management Vice President
Jonathan C. Pineda Information Security Vice President
Corporate Services Group
Racquel DG Buensalida Senior Vice President
Margie A. Jorillo Corporate Communications Vice President
Engelbert Anthony D. Unite Human Resources Acting Vice President
Flormin O. Concepcion General Services Office Acting Vice President
Controller Group
Hilconeda P. Abril Senior Vice President
Manuel P. Ang FI Systems Maintenance and other Accounting Services Vice President
Financial Management Group
Gracita Gilda V. Bocanegra Senior Vice President
James C. Labayo Portfolio Management Officer in Charge
Ma. Lourdes M. Caballes Treasury Operations Officer in Charge
Apollo M. Escarez Real Estate Asset Disposition and Management Vice President
Insurance Group
Atty. Maria Obdulia D. Vitug-Palanca Senior Vice President
Leopoldo A. Casio Jr. Marketing, Underwriting and Claims Office Officer in Charge
Information Technology Services Group
Juan Philip S. Evangelista Chief Information Officer
Jean Rusela A. Bengo Application Management Vice President
Marlon Eusebio L. Mendoza IT Infrastructure Office Vice President
Legal Services Group
Vacant Chief Legal Counsel
Lucio L. Yu Jr. Adjudication and Policy Office Assistant Chief Legal Counsel
Joyce Corine O. Lacson Litigation Office Assistant Chief Legal Counsel
Luzon Group
Salvacion P. Mate Officer-In-Charge
Eduardo V. Fernandez Luzon North Vice President
Rachel T. Edjan Luzon South Vice President
NCR Group
Nora M. Saludares Senior Vice President
Sonia C. Holgado NCR Area I Officer in Charge
Erlinda D. Banares NCR Area II Vice President
VisMin Group
Dionisio C. Ebdane Jr. Senior Vice President
Joseph Philip T. Andres Visayas Vice President
Jason C. Teng Mindanao Acting Vice President

GSIS Branch, Sattelite and Extension Offices