The Agency Authorized Officer (AAO) is an officer designated by his agency who has signed a memorandum of agreement with GSIS. He will be issued a unique login id and password for his access to the GSIS Secured Loan Certification Module.

The GSIS Electronic Online System (GEOS) is a part of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled GSIS Kiosk and Portal Solution. One of the modules under the GEOS is the GSIS Secured Loan Certification Module. This module will replace the old manual process of loan certification by the Agency Authorized Officer (AAO). This will be a paperless transaction where the AAO will only need an internet connection and browser to be able to certify if a member who has a pending GSIS loan application is eligible.

The module is a facility to be used by the AAO to certify the eligibility of a GSIS member belonging to his agency who is availing of any GSIS loan (Consol Loan, Cash Advance, Policy Loan and Emergency Loan).

An Agency has three AAOs.

The Scope of Certification of the AAO is as follows:

  1. The net take home pay of the member is sufficient to cover the regular monthly amortization due on the loan applied for.
  2. The member is in active service in his agency
  3. The member is not on leave on absence without pay
  4. The member has no pending administrative and/or criminal charge against the him
  5. In case of separation from the service the agency shall make the final payment to the member only after clearance is obtained from GSIS