Your agency plays an important role in ensuring that you enjoy all the privileges as a GSIS member. Here are some reasons why:

1. Your dividend and loan privileges are suspended if your agency has at least 3 months of unpaid compulsory premiums.

2. Premium arrearages are also deducted from the proceeds of your retirement claim in case your agency has not paid its share in your premium payment when you retire. GSIS issues a monthly collection notice every 30 days to remind agencies the total amount of premiums due them.

3. Updates on your membership profile are sourced from your agency. For example, if you are promoted, naturally, your premium contribution increases. Your agency must submit to GSIS any changes in your employment using the Agency Remittance Advice (ARA). This must be submitted with the Electronic Remittance File (ERF) within the first 10 days of the month.

4. The ARA is the basis to update your membership profile to reflect your new salary rate, employment status, position and any other important information. Your salary is the basis of computation for your loan applications and pension claims when you retire.

Your agency must allocate budget for the following:

(1) government share on premium contribution

Your dividend and loan privileges as well as Employee Compensation (EC) benefits in case of a work-related accident are suspended if your agency fails to remit the correct amount of premium contributions.