Home visits are done for old-age or survivorship pensioners who cannot travel to the nearest GSIS office because of the following reasons:

    1. old-age;
    2. bedridden;
    3. suffering from dreadful illnesses;
    4. living in far-flung areas;
    5. confined in hospitals, mental institutions and nursing homes; and
    6. those who are in jail

Purposes of the Home Visits are:

    1. ARAS (Annual Renewal of Active Status);
    2. e-Card enrollment;
    3. e-Card delivery; and
    4. Pension loan (upon endorsement by pension loan unit)

To qualify for a home visit, applicant must send the following requirements to the GSIS office nearest you:

1. Letter of Request

- Indicating date of birth of the pensioner to be visited

2. Sketch/location map

- with contact numbers and complete address

- indicate landmarks/street names

3. Medical Certificate

- optional if the pensioner is above 90 years old

4. Barangay Certification

5. Picture (whole body)

6. Photocopy of two valid IDs

7. If for ARAS, photocopy of E-card

After each home visit, the GSIS representative asks the pensioner to sign or place his thumb mark on the Home Visitation/eCard Delivery Report. The GSIS representative then takes a picture of the pensioner holding his/her eCard Plus.