Even while abroad, pensioners can still activate their eCard Plus right at the comfort of their own home.

Through the use of the GSIS Voice Activated Processing System or GVAPS, pensioners can activate their eCard Plus just by using any phone.

Pensioners abroad can enroll in the GVAPS through the use of skype, a web-based software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet free of charge.

To enroll in the GVAPS using skype, a pensioner must have the following: a personal computer (either desktop of laptop), a webcam, headset with microphone or PC speakers and a separate PC microphone, broadband internet connection, a well-lit and quiet area where the PC is placed, and a passport and two more valid IDs.

If he has all these things, he should just log on to www.skype.com and click on the downloading tool of skype and then click “run” when the file SkypeSetup.exe appears. Once the download and installation have been completed and he has created his skype account, he must email his full name and skype username to pensionglobal@gsis.gov.ph. The GSIS will then reply with an email stating the schedule of his skype video call enrollment.

On the scheduled video call, the pensioner must make sure that his computer is turned on, including the webcam, microphone and speakers (or headset), and is positioned in a well-lit and quiet area. He must have his passport and two valid IDs ready and then log on to www.skype.com and wait for the video call.

A GSIS representative will then call the pensioner on his scheduled date and time of video call. Right there and then, the GSIS representative will enroll the pensioner in the GVAPS.

Once the pensioner is enrolled in the GVAPS, he can use any phone to activate his eCard Plus.

To activate his eCard Plus using the GVAPS, the pensioner just has to call the numbers 632-976-0860 or 632-884-7400. A voice prompt will guide the pensioner through the activation process and advise him, accordingly, of the successful activations of his eCard Plus.

The pensioner must have his eCard Plus ready whenever he accesses the GVAPS since he will be asked by the voice prompt to say his GSIS ID number, printed below his name on his eCard Plus, whenever he uses this new system.