You have spent years working for the government. GSIS ensures that you are sufficiently rewarded when you finally decide to take that big step towards retirement.

The GSIS offers various retirement programs depending on the qualifications of the member. GSIS has retirement packages generally acknowledged to be one of the most generous in the country-ensuring financial freedom for its members, especially after they leave the service.

Retirement Under RA 8291

Five-year lump sum or cash payment with instant pension-choose your personal reward.

Retirement under Republic Act 660

Also called "Magic 87", this option provides both annuity and lifetime pension.

Retirement under Republic Act 1616

Refund your GSIS premiums with this "take-all" option at the same time get gratuity payment from your employer.

Portability Law (RA 7699)

Combine your GSIS and SSS creditable years of service to qualify for retirement program offered by both pension funds.

Retirement under Presidential Decree 1146

Only those who have been in government service after May 31, 1977 but before June 24, 1997 can avail of this retirement program. Retirement under PD 1146 gives you a choice between a Basic Monthly Pension (BMP) and Cash Payment.