In communicating with its stakeholders, the GSIS recognizes the role of the agency liaison officers (LOs) in strengthening the link between the GSIS and member-agencies.

The LOs are the key in disseminating information on the GSIS programs, services, and policies to members. Their role is to bring the views, sentiments, and concerns of members to management.

The initial meetings with LOs were held to update them on the new GSIS policies, procedures, benefits, and services and to foster camaraderie among the LOs and the GSIS. In just a few years, the LOs gained significant understanding of GSIS policies on loans and claims.


An LO should possess the following qualifications:

  1. A member of good standing without criminal and/or administrative case
  2. A permanent employee
  3. Has the ability to properly convey GSIS policies and procedures to co-workers
  4. Has no derogatory record on file


The LO shall discharge the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Disseminate to his co-workers accurate information about new or revised policies, rules and procedures in transacting with GSIS.
  2. Ensure that the documents required in filing of claims are complete prior to submission to the GSIS
  3. Ensure that signatures of indorsing officials in the documents submitted are authentic.
  4. Secure a tentative computation of loans and claims prior to filing, and ensure that his co-workers are properly briefed on the proceeds thereof
  5. Ensure that applications from his/her office are filed in batch and covered by a batch transmittal list, typewritten or computer generated and closed with a remark: "NOTHING FOLLOWS". He/she should not allow individual filing of applications
  6. Strictly observe all rules and regulations, policies and procedures adopted by the GSIS.