One of the many benefits of being a GSIS member is life insurance. GSIS gives you and your loved ones that much needed peace of mind. GSIS has two insurance programs available:

Enhanced Life Policy

The GSIS provides life insurance coverage to you, GSIS member, even the very first day you entered government service after receipt of payment of the 1st monthly premium.

If you entered the government service after July 31, 2003, you are automatically covered with an Enhanced Life Policy (ELP). Members whose policies have matured will also be covered by the ELP.

Life Endowment Policy

As a GSIS member, you automatically enjoy life insurance benefits, providing protection for you and your loved ones. If you entered the service prior to August 1, 2003, you are entitled to the Life Endowment Policy (LEP).

LEP also provides coverage against death whether due to natural or accidental causes, permanent total disability and other benefits upon maturity or separation from the service.

Apart from the superior life insurance packages these programs offer, policy holders can also avail of policy loan.

Policy Loan

Policy loan is a loan program which you can avail from your GSIS life insurance policy. The unique features of the Policy Loan are: (a) payment is not mandatory (unlike other GSIS loan products) and (b) it is renewable every year.